octubre 28th, 2016Key Food launching Urban Meadow private brand

Key Food Stores Co-operative on Thursday announced it was launching a new private brand called Urban Meadow that could replace specific store brand private items across its 240 stores following a test period.

Michelle Gissi, Key Food’s integrated marketing manager, made the announcement during the cooperative’s annual Vendor Summit Thursday in Staten Island, N.Y. The brand debuted recently with a limited number of peanut butter SKUs in 20 stores, Gissi said. If that test proves successful — “and we believe it will be,” Gissi remarked — the company will roll out the name on a category-by-category basis throughout 2017, beginning with items such as olive oils, that are due for repackaging.

Gissi said the items could eventually replace a tiered selection of Key Food-branded items across the cooperative’s multiple store banners, which include Key Food, Marketplace, SuperFresh, Food Universe, Food Dynasty and Food Emporium.

A video presented at the event suggested the brand could be used on both shelf-stable and fresh items.

Article By: Supermarket News

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