Our Company & History

Our Company

Porky Products Inc. distributes beef, pork, poultry, lamb, veal, fresh & frozen seafood, pre-packaged goods, deli products, cheese & bakery items. Porky Products leads the industry by utilizing technology and offering a vast distribution network to make fresh, on-time deliveries to our customers. Operating out of a 110,000-square foot facility in Carteret, NJ, Porky has the capability to provide next day deliveries to over 1,500 independent supermarkets in 10 different states. In addition, Porky operates divisions of wholesale trading, food service, and third party logistics. For over 60 years and through three generations of family management, Porky has been and continues to be committed, with the utmost integrity, to satisfying customers by providing the highest level of quality products and service

Our History

In 1951 Jerry Bernstein opened a kosher butcher shop called J&J Poultry. A few years later Harry Ewig joined J&J and became partners with his brother in law, Jerry. For years it operated as a stand-alone shop in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn, NY. Around 1961 the popularity of the store had grown so much that the two decided to start delivering meat to other butcher shops and markets. They purchased a used truck that already had a paint job with the name Porky emblazoned on the side. When they found out that it would cost more to paint the truck than to change the name of the company the new entity, Porky Products, was born.

Over the years the fleet grew and the business moved out of the butcher shop and into a warehouse facility in Brooklyn on Van Brunt Street. It was here that three members of the second generation; Jon Ewig, Elliot Schnier, and Bob Strigo would get their start in the business. Then in 1977 Porky moved to a larger warehouse in the Brooklyn Meat Market. Here, under the guidance of the founders, the three would grow the business exponentially through commitment to quality and customer service. They redefined what it meant to be a meat distributor in the North East.

The company inevitably outgrew the Brooklyn facility and in 1984 the decision was made to move across the river to a facility in Jersey City, NJ. The three members of the second generation would ultimately take control of the company in 1991. Bob Strigo would eventually retire and Bob Hughes and Bill Melloy were made junior partners. It was during this time that Porky would cement the foundation of relationships with the independent supermarkets by partnering with groups such as Krasdale and Associated to be the primary supplier for their members.

Having penetrated the North East market, Porky began to look nationally as a means of expansion. In 1993 they acquired trading and brokerage firm Protimex based out of Los Angeles, CA. That business continues to grow, adding members and offices around the country that trade meat on both a domestic and international scale. Collectively, the trading division would become known industry wide as Porky West.

After 16 years Porky had again grown to capacity in Jersey City and expanded by acquiring DB Brown in 2000 and moving its headquarters to Carteret NJ. It is in this facility that Porky currently operates a warehousing and distribution network that services ten states along the eastern seaboard of the United States. From here Porky services 1500 supermarkets and ships six million pounds of meat, seafood and provisions on a weekly basis. On a global scale, including all subsidiaries, Porky distributes eleven million pounds of fresh and frozen product every week.

Continually investing into the future of the company, Porky is ensuring commitment to the independent supermarket operator.