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As one of the largest fresh poultry distributors in the United States, our Carteret Facility houses some of the best known brands in the business. Perdue Farms, Cookin’ Good, Pilgrim’s Pride, House of Raeford, Allen, Mountaire and Shadybrook are a few of the largest. As the popularity of All Natural and Organic continues to grow, we offer many options with Murray’s, Plainville Farms, Harvestland, Bell and Evans and more. Our volume of distribution allows us to give the retailer the most competitive prices in the marketplace each and every day.



Whether Select, Choice, Certified Angus, All Natural or Organic, Porky distributes the largest and most extensive mix of fresh beef in the marketplace. Our purchasing power allows us to provide some of the most competitive beef prices in the industry. Our brands include IBP, National Beef, Taylor, Cargill, Naturewell, Black Canyon and many more.


Porky has the largest selection of fresh and frozen meats from which to choose from and pork is no exception. Our ability to turn the inventory daily provides the customers with the freshest pork in the marketplace. You will only find quality manufacturers like Daisyfield, Indiana, IBP, Hatfield, Excel and Smithfield in our facility. As All Natural and Organic Pork has become more popular, we provide options such as Niman Ranch, Leidy’s and Dubreton among others.


Product information coming soon. We carry an extensive line of top quality, fresh lamb and veal coming in daily.


Our extensive list of provisions is available on a daily basis. Provisions is a general category that encompasses over five hundred items in our distribution. Premio Sausage manufactures daily in the morning and delivers the same day to our Carteret warehouse. Now that’s fresh sausage!


Porky Products distributes over 1,000 fresh and frozen Seafood items daily. Our expert Seafood department sales staff can assist you with all your needs. The Arctic Moon and Arctic Blue Brands, found exclusively at Porky Products, stands for the highest quality and value in Seafood. All of our manufacturing plants are HAACP approved. Trained seafood experts inspect the raw materials before production all the way through manufacturing to finished retail product. Our fresh fish is picked up everyday in the marketplace and under tough scrutiny. Quality comes first when you purchase fresh fish at Porky.

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Our Natural and Organic product lines continue to flourish. We offer our customers the largest variety of Natural and Organic meats across all commodities. Whether Beef, Poultry, Pork, Lamb, Veal, Deli or Cold Cuts, we have what you’re looking for. Some of our strongest brands include Harvestland, Murray’s, Bell and Evans, Coleman, Naturewell, Niman Ranch, Dubreton, Applegate Farms, Bilinski, and more. Today’s consumer is more educated and sensitive than ever before, and the Natural and Organic categories will only get stronger.

Plant Based Foods

Whether it’s health concerns associated with eating meat or the environmental impact of animal agriculture, more and more Americans are choosing to reduce meat consumption and seek out meat alternatives instead.

In fact, a recent Nielsen Homescan survey found that 39% of Americans are actively trying to eat more plant-based foods. This shift in consumer preferences is bolstering the global meat substitute market, potentially pushing profits of textured vegetable protein, tofu, tempeh, seitan, and other plant-based sources to $7.5 billion by 2025.

Porky Products is at the forefront of this new industry bringing you new items to the category every week.  Check our Featured Items page to see all the new lines as they arive.

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Our Deli and Cheese division remains one of the most consistent in the marketplace. What you order is what you get. We pride ourselves in giving our customers the best known brands in the marketplace at the most competitive prices. We have items from Gourmet Boutique, Perdue Farms, Blue Ridge, Zina Salads, and more. We continue to extend the line of Fully Cooked and Ready to Cook (RTC) products to offer home meal replacements for the consumers. Our deli list is updated as new items come into our warehouse so check back frequently. With the economy today, consumers need to see deals and retail costs lower in the deli…we have weekly specials that will blow you away! Ask your Porky salesperson for the Deli Deals every week!

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Our Carteret facility distributes the most extensive line of pre-packaged meats, marinated meats and prepared foods in the marketplace. We are the leading distributor in the marketplace for Oscar Mayer, Louis Rich, Hillshire Farms, Ballpark, BAR S Foods, Gwaltney, Smithfield, Kunzler, Hatfield, Hormel, Butterball, etc. Our extensive line of fresh, retail packaged, prepared entrées and side dishes include Tyson Dinners, Hormel, Jack Daniels, Pineland Farms, Jennie-O, Sheds Side Dishes, Shadybrook Farms and more. Our packaged meat sales staff are experts on over 2,500 items available to you daily. The buying staff is one of the best at innovating and constantly updating the product lines as new items are brought to market.

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Over 700 frozen Seafood and Meat Department items are slotted within our facility. All of the most popular National and Regional retail frozen products can be found at Porky. Our buying staff is constantly improvising and bringing new and unique product lines into the marketplace. As the calendar changes, product lines are added and changed to insure all your seasonal needs.