Seminar Information

The Porky Products Meat Management Seminar, provides a personal education on the best practices in meat management from one of the most experienced and knowledgeable meat directors in the country, Al Marinelli. With Al and the rest of our field support team providing instruction and guidance on the different aspects of meat management including:

• Increasing Gross Profit
• Cutting Tests and Yield Maximization
• Store Merchandising
• Controlling Shrink
• Sanitation Practices
• Ground Beef Standards
• Meat Do’s and Don’ts

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Al Marinelli began his career as an Apprentice to the Meat Manager at a D’Agostino market in 1958 were he honed and perfected his skills as a butcher for 24 years. He then went on to Berlinere Meat “Plume de Veau” Veal Company where he worked in developing a block ready veal program and traveled from Maine to Florida giving seminars on the proper method to merchandise and cut veal.

In 1983, Al was brought back to D’Agostino as the meat and seafood buyer and merchandiser until 1999 when he joined Porky Products. At Porky he worked to develop and manage a field team to help stores with merchandising meat and achieving their objectives by providing guidance in gross profit, product merchandising, resetting cases, grand openings, retail pricing and other daily and weekly activities. Al is also fully involved in writing weekly ad programs and providing weekly retail pricing for a number of Porky’s partners as well as running the educational seminars at Porky Products.

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